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ReLife International Medical Center Medical Tourism Introduction

The advantages of medical tourism:


On the one hand, for visitors travelling abroad, while enjoying the aromas of local food and splendor of local nature, their health condition cannot be guaranteed by fully – fledged medical service; on the other hand, for patients seeking treatment abroad, while recuperating the physical health, their psychological well-being cannot be nourished by exotic scenery and cuisine. Thus, ReLife International Medical Center who has been engaged in international medical service for years breaks down the conventional medical service and tourism, launching a new medical tourism service which integrates the superiorities of both to help foreign patients get a chance to explore Chinese splendid culture and numerous dainties during their treatment in China while improve oversea visitors’ sub-health by applying traditional Chinese medicine.


Target population:

1、 For people who have to rush for work and would like to refresh themselves and adjust their sub-health condition during mini breaks, ReLife will offer a conditioning plan with traditional Chinese medicine and travel itinerary to help them relieve fatigue while having a relaxing travel.

2、 For aging people who worry about their physical discomfort that may occur in their journey process, escort through the whole travelling from ReLife professional medical team will completely free them from worries.

3、 For people who suffer from latent disease and want to relieve treatment stress, ReLife will provide them a brand-new treatment experience by arranging a best travel itinerary according to your treatment plan and body condition.

4、 For people who want to seek help from traditional Chinses medicine combining with the advanced stem cell therapy, ReLife will provide a brand-new treatment experience by arranging a best travel itinerary according to your body condition.