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Professor Jack Szostak Interview


Jack Szostak
2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
Hello. Welcome and greetings from Beijing. Im Jack Szostak. Im a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and a professor of chemistry at Harvard University and an investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I’m also the chair of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the 2015 NPLS in China.


What makes a good scientist?
The 2015 Nobel Prize Laureate Summit will focus on frontiers in cancer research. The focus of the meeting will be the latest advances in understanding treatment of cancer. We’ve invited some of the world’s leading scientists and physicians who have made dramatic breakthroughs in cancer therapy. We also hope that this meeting will serve as a way for scientists from around the world to meet and interact with Chinese scientists and physicians and develop new collaborations that will help us all in advancing treatment of cancer.

Expectations for NPLS
We are hoping that by bringing Nobel laureates and other eminent scientists here for this meeting that this would be an excellent way for scientists to come together and initiate new collaborations and further develop international cooperation in the fight against cancer.

What makes a good scientist?
I think there are many things that contribute to being a really good scientist. Of course one is creativity and being able to think about it and exploring directions even when the rest of the world is going in a different direction. Of course it can also take a lot of perseverance. I think that the ability to interact with other people and talk about new directions to explore is also very important.

Wishes for the 2015 NPLS
We are hoping to have many students and young scientists coming to the 2015 NPLS. I think that would be an excellent way for them to meet very established scientists and learned from them about not only their latest advances but also the best ways to do science.

There is a new society called the International Society of Scientific Communications for Nobel Prize Laureates in the United States. The purpose of this society is to faster communication to holds events in United States and in China and to help further establish communication and cooperation between scientists around the world and in China.

I’m Jack Szostak. I’m at the Nobel Prize Laureate Summit and I’m looking forward to your participation (in this meeting).