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Low Sperm Vitality Case

Mrs. Xu is 37 years old, who is engaged in scientific research. She had regular sexual life with her husband without protection for 3 years but was not able to conceive a baby. In order to find out the cause factors of their infertility, she and her husband went to do physical check-ups, learning that her own condition was generally fine but her husband’s sperm lacked vitality. After seeking various treatments but without success, they turned to ReLife for help in August 2011.The specialists at ReLife treated the couple respectively, with stem cell therapy combining with traditional Chinese medicine to address her husband’s problem, and using traditional Chinese medicine approaches to prepare Mrs. Xu for impregnation. Several months later, Mrs. Xu went through IVF procedure and succeeded in pregnancy in December 2014. In the next year, God sent her and her husband a beautiful daughter. Look at the picture below. What a lovely baby.

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