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Why is non –surgical (NS) targeted treatment effective for recurrent cavernous hemangioma?

“My 10-year-old daughter has got facial cavernous hemangioma since she was six months old, and she did the laser treatment at the age of four, cavernous-hemangiomanow there are even bigger bumps in the right side of the face, and her neck begins to swell and was also diagnosed as cavernous hemangioma. My husband and I worry too much about that.”

“I am 26 years old, I did laser 10 years ago for my neck cavernous hemangioma, now my neck begins to thick again faster and faster. I am eager to seek for one way bringing no recurrence.”

“I got cavernous hemangioma in my left leg 4 years ago, I did the operation for the removal when the cavernous hemangioma was just 10 cm in length. Now my whole left leg is much thicker than my right leg with lots of bumps, which influences my walking seriously.”

Those are the real complains I face every day, said one of the specialists at ReLife International Medical Center. They think I don’t understand their tortures but I do and I know how badly they long for a normal life. In order to help patients with hemangioma better, let us learn more about it.


 Characteristics and harmfulness of cavernous hemangioma

Cavernous hemangioma is the most common benign tumor, which grows much faster than the patients’ development and has the characteristics of unlimited growth of malignant hemangiom. As hemangiomas invades surrounding normal tissues and has no distinct boundaries with normal tissues, is difficult to remove the tumor completely with common methods especially the cavernous hemangioma in the neck, face, mouth, abdomen, and extremities in large range.

 Why does laser for cavernous hemangioma bring high recurrence ?

Within a few milliseconds, the capillary hemangioma part is irradiated by laser in one minute, and the temperature can reach 200-1000 degrees Celsius, which makes the hemangioma tissue necrosis. It is only suitable for smaller surface capillary hemangioma, but the laser treatment will scar the surface of the skin, therefore it can’t be used for the treatment of facial capillary hemangioma. In addition, lasers can’t be used for cavernous hemangiomas because lasers can only be applied to the skin surface and can’t reach cavernous hemangiomas in the deeper layers of the muscle

Why do other common treatments for cavernous hemangioma bring recurrence easily?

For the time being, the most popular methods for hemangioma treatment are surgery, hormone, Radiotherapy, Laser therapy, all of which have some effect but bring much side effect at the same time.

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For example, surgery will bring more complications and high recurrence rate, leaving scars. Hormone is unable to cure hemangioma completely, affecting the patient’s normal development. Furthermore, after the cessation of hormone treatment, hemangioma will grow even faster than before. Radiation therapy hurts good skin and high recurrence as the poor positioning accuracy, leaving white patch as well.

Why is NS targeted treatment effective for recurrent cavernous hemangioma?

You may be disappointed that there is no perfect way for recurrent cavernous hemangioma. Please don’t worry too much about it. There is one not only effective but also safe way for the cavernous hemangioma removal in ReLife International Medical Center.

After many years’ clinic research the doctors from ReLife International Medical Center invented medicine with Patent for hemangioma, whose number is ZL01122551.3 and the international classification number is A61K33-14. It can kill hemangioma tissue cells completely  without damaging normal tissue cells, much better than laser or operation,no trauma, no risks or complications, not easy to relapse, safe and without any side effects. Therefore, it is regarded as a new method of humanized recurrent cavernous hemangioma removal.

ReLife medicine with Patent is used in the NS targeted interventional therapy, where the liquid preparation is delivered through a fine needle into the hemangioma tissue cells guided by B Ultrasound or CT, making all of the cavernous hemangioma cells killed and drained out through the body’s fast metabolism,restoring the skin to normal, without any scars, and most importantly without any recurrence at all.

ReLife’s effect in hemangioma removal

ReLife doctors are skilled in hemangioma treatment such as cavernous hemangioma, hemangioma racemosum and mixed hemangioma. And thousands of patients are free from the hemangioma by non-surgical targeted interventional therapy.

Take a boy from Shanghai for example. A 2*3cm lump was found in the ear when born, diagnosed as cavernous hemangioma in the local hospital. At the age of 2, he did hemangioma removal surgery, leaving an ugly scar on the ear. To make matters worse, there appeared new multiple mass around the edge, which felt painful after his standing for a long time. When back to the hospital for recheck, there is recurrence of hemangioma. In desperation, accepting a friend’s advice, they came to ReLife International Medical Center for help. After targeted interventional therapy, the cavernous hemangioma disappeared completely, no recurrence in the past 11 years.