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Hemangioma Expert

Dr.Bu - a hemangioma expert

Dr. Bu, male, engaged in surgery clinical work combining traditional Chinese and western medical treatment for more than 50 years, has invented non-surgical targeted interventional therapy, making ninety percent of the hemangioma removal successful,restoring the skin to normal without any scars.

Non-surgical targeted interventional therapy is the use of fine needle aspiration to the tumor guided by B Ultrasound or CT, injecting no toxic anti-tumor drugs with national patent whose number is ZL01122551.3 and the international classification number is A61K33-14,killing tumor tissue cells directly without damaging normal tissue cells. It is much better than operation,no surgical trauma, no surgical risks and complications, not easy to relapse, safe and without side effects. Therefore, it is regarded as a new method of humanized hemangioma removal.

The invent patent certificates

In addition, Dr. Bu also specializes in lymphangioma, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, oral cavity and neck cancer, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, liver cancer, lung cancer, various cyst and hyperthyroidism, hernia, hydrocele, severe hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, varicose veins and other surgical diseases. It is safer and more effective than operation.

Because the Dr. Bu has much clinical experience, he has already published many important papers about non-surgical treatments for tumors and surgical diseases in the national core journals and five monographs on non-Surgical Treatment: Non surgical treatment of hemangioma and lymphoma, Non surgical treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, Non-Surgical Treatment of Myoma of uterus and various cysts, Non-Surgical Treatment of common neoplasms, Non surgical targeted therapy of tumor.