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Infertility FAQ

Please click “Quick-Inquiry” and briefly describe your condition, we will shortly allocate the right doctor to consult your case. Please be sure that your personal information is safe with us, we will not disclose it to any third party. ReLife International Medical Center is dedicated to provide the most caring and effective solution to all of the patients.

My mother has fatigue and dizziness and fell weakness in legs during the walking and activity.

Yes, Stem Cell Therapy is very effective in treating organic heart disease. At ReLife we often use Stem Cell Therapy as a main treatment, making use of self-renewal and multi-directional of stem cells’ potential to replace or repair the damaged or dead cells including cardiac muscle cell and vascular endothelial cell in the lesion region, to promote the coronary circulation. Our medical team also perform Traditional Chinese Medicine methods (acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina etc.) as an assistant treatment for heart disease. Your mother’s symptoms and her overall condition will be improved gradually. Such as heart palpitation, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, poor sleeping, and poor appetite etc.

I am 40 years old. My sperm are dead but I have two child already. How can I do, please advise.

Necrozoospermia belongs to the male infertility. At ReLife we combine stem cell therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine(TVM) for infertility patients. Stem Cell therapy could eliminate the inner factors that caused the disease and treat the necrozoospermia. TCM is a green, safe and effective treatment method for sperm dead. We perform acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion and natural therapy to improve the energy and blood, strengthen the internal organs’ function, try to address the disease in a natural way.

My past surgical history: intrauterine fibroma removed 2010, intrauterine polyps removed 2012. 3 failed IVF cycles, every time stopping at mitosis.

Yes, you still have chance to get pregnant. Generally speaking, the failure of IVF might be caused by poor development of fertilized egg. From our doctor’s clinical experience, most of these cases are related with sperm quality. You could use stem cells and TCM. On one hand stem cells have the ability to be easily cultivated in vitro and in a multiple differentiation capacity. They are capable to renewal themselves while maintaining their multi-potency.

What is the average food spending per day in Beijing?

The average food spending per day is around 30 USD. Please kindly note that this is just an approximation, how much you will spend per day is decided by your lifestyle choices. Of course if you decide to go to a fine dinning restaurant it would easily cost over 50 USD per person.

My nephews and my son are not able to stand or walk. They cannot move their arms freely or staright up.

Yes. Stem cell therapy is the latest technology, which has been applied in clinical in decades as an effective treatment for Muscle Dystrophy, making use of stem cells’ characteristic of multiple differentiation to repair and replace the damaged nerve cells so as to restore its original function. More and more patients benefit from this therapy.

Nerve system diseases is our specialty, especially combining stem cell therapy with traditional Chinese medicine, we have gained significant results in this field. Besides stem cell therapy, TCM is another effective therapy for muscle dystrophy which has been applied in clinic with a long history.We will provide personalized treatment plan after recieving related test results and medical reports.

Why this stem cell therapy does not cause rejection?

Mesenchymal stem cells are mainly used to treat RP and other eye diseases in the world, existing in a variety of organizations (such as bone marrow, cord blood and umbilical cord, the placenta tissue and adipose tissue, etc.). It is a kind of undifferentiated cells, belong to pluripotent stem cells, having no immunogenicity, no antigens, they are not recognized as foreign by the host body, not like hematopoietic stem cell need match. When the stem cell going into body and repairing our tissue, it cannot cause immune rejection, the whole procedure is very safe. 

I have POCS, I am very anxious about my problem, can you help?

Infertility is our specialty, and we have treatment many patients from all over the world. At ReLife International Medical Center we use traditional Chinese medicine and stem cell therapy to address infertility related problems. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a very effective therapy long been used in addressing infertility problem.TCM, It is a main factor contributing to lower infertility rate of China. However, in some difficult case, we use stem cell therapy in conjunction with TCM to get better results.

Most of patients we ever treated are very anxious about this problem. It is really important that you unload this pressure, keep a positive mind to address your problem. It is a common disease for women; do not gain too much stress from it, because most of PCOS patient can get pregnant after proper treatment. Generally, women below 39, the conceive percentage is 72%, over 45 it is still have 13%; Thus the earlier to receive the treatment, the better results will be delivered.

What are the success rate of stem cell therapy when treating diabetes?

Stem cell therapy is recognized and used to treat diabetes for decades, and the clinical results are significant. Some diabetes patient even stopped the insulin. It is possible to cure the diabetes completely with stem cell therapy and Traditional Chinese medicine. Actually, according our center’s data approximately 60 percent patients was got good results, among them 30 percent patients were cured (stop taking medicine), the condition of the rest patients was controlled, and the dosage of the medicine injected was reduced. 

what kind of the uterus fibroid doesn't need a operation?

Generally speaking, the fibroid over 5cm or your period is abnormal then you have to do the surgery. Besides, it is better to remove the fibroid in time if you plan to have a baby. Because the fibroid could be enlarged during pregnancy. And if it is too big easily cause the abortion.

What are the main causes of my azoospermia?

The main causes of azoospermia can be divided into two types: obstructive cause (Azoospermia may occur if the flow of sperm is blocked and cannot leave the body) and non-obstructive cause (Azoospermia caused by a problem with sperm production)

For obstructive cause, there will be infections, trauma, and varicocele etc. and for non-obstructive cause, include medicine, smoking, alcohol, drug, genetic defects, abnormal hormone, radiation, undescended testes etc. However having azoospermia is not the end of the world, with the proper treatment the patients are most likely to be recovered.

What is ReLife International Medical Center?

“ReLife” or ReLife International Medical Center is an international medical facility that dedicates to provide professional and reliable medical service to overseas and domestic patients. Using both advanced and classic treatment methods such as stem cell therapy and traditional Chinese medicine, “ReLife” bridges these methods together to provide a comprehensive treatment method with better effectiveness than conventional treatment method.

I have PCOS problem, am I able to conceive?

PCOS is a common issue affecting women’s fertility. Typically, women will first notice a change in her menstruation cycle. Normally, a regular menstruation counts 11-12 periods in a year, but a woman with PCOS will only have 2-3, Other symptoms are increased hair growth (but decreased hair growth on the scalp), acne, a waist-based accumulation of fat.

It is definitely a leading cause of infertility in women. However PCOS is not a hard nut to crack. We have cases ranging from adolescents suffering from irregular periods, to married women suffering from infertility.Most of them having overweight problem. After adjusting the endocrine, as well as weight loss under our doctor advice and special therapy, finally the ovaries turned back to normal.

I would like to get more information about stem cell therapy for autism

We would agree that stem cell therapy is an effective treatment for Autism, because stem cells have the potential of self-renewal and multi-directional differentiation to replace or repair the damaged or dead nerve cells, to rebuild neural circuits, restore brain function. However, in order to gain better effective treatment results, besides stem cell therapy, we will apply other treatment methods at the same time to address autism.

How do you treat nerve system related diseases?

Stem cell therapy combining with traditional chinese medicine and rehabilitation is our specialty in treating nerve system related diseases. This treatment aims at using the stem cells to replace the damaged never cells in brain or spine, and rebuild neural circuits. Especially for teennagers, this treatment could improve their limbs function, muscle strength, language ability, preventing from muscle atrophy so as to improve their life quality and ability.

What is stem cell?

Stem cell is an undifferentiated mother biological cell. Stem cell’s capabilities of self-renewal and differentiation have made it possible to become any type of cell.

How does stem cell function in the treatment?

Due to the characteristics of differentiation and self-renewal, stem cell is capable of replacing and repairing lesion tissue within the body caused by various conditions. For more details, please feel free to browse our website or simply contact us for more information.

What are the risks of the stem cell therapy provided by “ReLife”?

Fever, infection, bleeding are the possible risks, but the occurrences of these risk are rare, expected and under controlled. Currently there has not been any major side-effect experienced by any patient at “ReLife”, our medical team is always prepared for your wellness.

Why haven’t I get any feedback from “ReLife” yet?

Due to the volume of inquiries, we may postpone your inquiry. However, we will reply to your inquiry within 72 hours working days. If you haven’t received your reply, please kindly contact us. You could also check your spam for our email.

I have received my medical plan (Treatment Evaluation Report) from “ReLife”, what should I do?

Please kindly fill in the “signing up for stem cell therapy.doc” and send it to us after you have arranged your travel schedule accordingly. Once we got your confirmation of the treatment and your convenient arrival time, we will prepare an invitation letter for you to apply visa to China, as well as other documents like payment instruction, transportation from Beijing Capital Airport, hospitalization and etc.

How long should I stay at “ReLife” for my treatment?

After consulting with our medical consultant for treatment eligibility, a medical plan (treatment evaluation report) will be provided, which will include not only detailed medical information and cost, but also treatment periods. Usually, a stem cell therapy may take a two-week treatment period. However, some severe disorder/ condition may require more than two weeks of treatment period.

What should I bring during my hospitalization at “ReLife”?

During your hospitalization, please kindly bring the following items:

a) Any related medical documents;
b) Attire for the season;
c) Medication prescribed by your doctor;
d) Your own toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, shampoo, soap and etc.;
e) Electronic applicants such as laptop, mobile phone, hair dryer, charger and etc. Please kindly bring along your charger adaptor.
f) Chinese currency (If you need to exchange Chinese currency, simply ask for assistance upon your arrival)

What kind of payment methods does “ReLife” accepts?

ReLife International Medical Center accepts three kinds of payment method including bank wire transfer, credit card (VISA) and cash. You can complete the payment by bank wire transfer to the provided account or by using credit card (VISA) or cash upon your arrival at ReLife International Medical Center. For VISA approach, you will need to add a 4% Visa fee, as this additional fee is required by the Bank Visa system. The payment shall be completed before the hospitalization.

I have been suffering from infertility due to sperm decrease. Any chance for your therapy in our case?

Infertility is our specialty, especially combining stem cell therapy with traditional Chinese medicine. There are many couple, female as well male, come to our center to seek assistance after trying so many ways of treatment and so many time of IVF or ICSI. Most of them got baby finally some conceive naturally, and some via IVF.
we agree that stem cell therapy would be an effective treatment to address sperm decrease problem, which is proved by manyclinical applications in the decades However, considering that your treatment experience of stem cell without obvous results, it is because that there is not a favorable environment for the survival of the stem cell injected, which decrease the effect of cell therapy. What we believe will bring greater and efficient treatment results are that we will apply traditional chiniese medicine at the same time with stem cell therapy.

Osteoarthritic changes of both knees in form of joint space narrowing subchondral sclerosis and prominent inrercondylar eminence.

Bone diseases are our clinic’s specialty. We have treated countless patients with AVN, RA, arthritis, most of our patients recovered after treatment. 
According to the experience of previous treated patients with bone diseases, significant improvement will see in about 3 months, what’s more if you are at early stage, it will be easier to recover.
The treatment combine stem cell therapy with Traditional Chinese medicine, addressing the knees problem via two different methods, it is a very comprehensive one; because on one hand, using stem cells to repair the damaged or dead bone cells and cartilage cells, to rebuild bone tissue from inside; on the other hand, we will perform traditional Chinese medicine to improve the microcirculation, stimulate the growth of blood vessels and capillaries; meanwhile stimulating bone growth by dredge the blood vessels to supply enough nutrition to the bone.

My past surgical history: intrauterine fibroma removed 2010, intrauterine polyps removed 2012. 3 failed IVF cycles, every time stopping at mitosis .


Yes, there is still chance for you to have baby.

According to your condition, our specialists suggest you guys come to our center for the treatment. They think that the TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Stem Cell Therapy together will be the best treatment for you. The failure of your IVF should be caused by poor

development of fertilized egg. From their experience, most of these cases are related with sperm quality. To fix this problem, we could use stem cells and TCM. On one hand Stem Cells have the ability to be easily cultivated in vitro and in a multiple differentiation capacity. They are capable to renewal themselves while maintaining their multi-potency. On the other hand, TCM could create a best inner environment to maximized the survival rate of the stem cells as well as enhance the reproductive function in a nature way.

My daughter is 11 years old; she is 137cm and 28kg. She has type 1 diabetes and inject insulin 3 doses per day. She also fell tired with leg pain and some dizziness for short time. Please answer to these questions:

 1-How long does stem cell stay in the body? I mean, Is it need other operation?

2- What is the percentage of successful? and the percentage of healthy?

3- Is there may any relapse after 1 year of operation?

 Simply put, stem cell therapy uses the healthy mesenchymal stem cells to repair the sick and damaged cells in lesion region. For your daughter’s condition, the lesion region means pancreatic gland. Generally speaking, stem cell could survival in body for 3 to 6 months. But at our clinic we uses TCM to maximize the survival period of stem cell in human body. In our clinic, the total effective rate of the treatment for diabetes has reached 60%, among it 30% or so could totally stop taking their drugs for diabetes, and the rest of them could reduce the dosage of diabetes drugs. There is no side effect and no relapse in the future, so she doesn’t need to inject again.

I was suffering from infertility. I didn't have any sperms in semen analysis.I search for treatment.

fter analysis your condition, I agree that stem cell therapy would be an effective treatment to address your problem, making use of its multi-differential potentialities to replace or repair the damaged testis tissue, to restore its original function.However, considering that you had underwent one course of stem cell treatment but treatment result was limited, it is because there is not a favorable environment for the survival of the stem cell injected. So what they believe will bring greater and efficient treatment results is that we will apply traditional chiniese medicine at the same time with stem cell adjusting the local inner environment more favorable for sperm production.

I do have my period monthly, and my hormone level never lies in regular range. I eagerly want to have baby but was told my chance is little.

Since western medicine generally can do very little for it. The treatment is usually oestrogen replacement therapy, such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This may make your menstruating again, and perhaps relieve some of the symptoms. However, this is not an option for women who are attempting to conceive, as the artificial oestrogen sends signals to the brain that it doesn’t need to stimulate the ovaries to produce oestrogen, therefore the whole hormonal system then goes to sleep. Research Indicates that Chinese Herbal Medicine may be twice as effective for Infertility as Conventional Therapies, it has benefited millions of patients with no hope at all, please send us your hormone test results and ultrasound image for a comprehensive evaluation.

Azoospermia results to my Infertility. Is there a safe and effective way to cure azoospermia?

Many men have the problems azoospermia , resulting male infertility. For the problem low sperm count and low sperm motility, tradition Chinese medicine is generally extremely effective, and it is a safe, natural, and green way to bring the body back to balance. In treating azoospermia, main forms of TCM include acupuncture, herbal medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, moxibustion, cupping, Tui Na, etc. According to different causes and symptoms, TCM doctors select different herbal medicine and different acupuncture points to improve the body’s immune system and adjust reproductive function back to normal. In my hospital, ReLife International Medical Center, besides the application of TCM in treating many kinds of azoospermia, stem cell therapy, this advanced technology, is also administered to address some complicated cases, especially azoospermia and oligospermia. The treatment effects of this combination are found to be much better than that of stem cell therapy alone. And compared with TCM treatment, this combination shortens patient’s recovery period.

I can’t be pregnant although I have been trying to conceive for several years. How can I conceive a healthy baby soon?

Infertility is a sad thing for couples who are trying to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. There are many reasons depressing women trying to conceive a healthy baby, such as hormone problems, ovary problems, follicle problems, fallopian tubes problems, endometrium problems and other diseases. Drugs, smoking, alcohol, environmental and occupational factors may also bring bad influence to woman who try to conceive a baby.

Traditional Chinese medical treatment is effective in treating functional infertility and can also significantly improve some structural infertility problems. TCM is green, safe, affordable, having almost no side effects. A typical treatment is done by acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage (to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs), and modification of diet. Many ladies have eventually found trying to conceive an easy thing to deal with after traditional Chinese treatment in ReLife.

One of my Fallopian Tubes is blocked partially and the other is blocked totally, what should I do?

 If one or both fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg cannot reach the uterus, and the sperm cannot reach the egg, preventing fertilization and pregnancy. And there is another risk. This can increase the risk of a tubal pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy. Inflammation is the most common one we see, causing the blocked fallopian tubes. Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment is an effective way to solve this problem.