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Fallopian Tube Blockage Case

Disclaimer: Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition.
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The above hand-written note is a letter of thanks, which was sent by Mrs. Zhu, one of ReLife’s infertility patients, to Dr. Shen, ReLife’s legendary fertility specialist. Mrs. Zhu once suffered from fallopian tube blockage, which rendered her conception impossible. For fixing this problem, she had been seeking treatments, including IVF. However, those treatment approaches couldn’t work on her. The road to become a parent for her and her husband was a long and hard one. Their dream realized when they encountered Dr. Shen, ReLife’s legendary TCM fertility specialist. Dr. Shen treated Mrs. Zhu using traditional Chinese medicine methods and helped her rid of the tube blockage. Then in 2004, she got pregnant, the next year, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Mrs. Zhu sent this warm-hearted letter to express her appreciation for Dr. Shen’s efforts. And she became friends with ReLife’s medical team, she occasionally shares her son’s pictures with ReLife’s doctors. The above photo shows her son has grown into a handsome boy.