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Teleconsultation Efficacy/Timeliness/Expertise/Second Opinion


Teleconsultation is a valuable resource provided by ReLife International Medical Center when you are faced with difficult health circumstances or choices regarding your treatment options.

You may have limited access to highly specialized care depending on where you live, your availability for travel or your mobility. This remote consultation will be your best choice to seek for professional medical advice or medical second opinion.

ReLife’s medical consultation team is made by medical professionals all from the AAA hospitals in China with extensive experience in their working area. Please specify your conditions and we will arrange your specialist from this nominated field.

Normally for each remote consultation, ReLife provides at least two specialists, one from western medicine team, one from traditional Chinese medicine team, to ensure their judgment and accuracy. One facilitator will be arranged to communicate with doctors and patients. Our prioritized remote tool will be skype, skype ID: relifeimc; however we could also use your favored applications, such as whatsapp or wechat.

This teleconsultation system is made available to benefit to our new patients preventing unnecessary hospital accesses or seeking for second opinion, and for our discharged patients for follow-up purposes. It is a completely complementary service with no cost involved; please book your appointment in advance by emailing to info@relifemed.com