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ReLife International Medical Center proudly organizesthe roundtable conference on medical tourism –aninteractivedialogue with the Nobel Prize Laureate Craig Mello and China’s government officials

On the 8th of May, 2015,as one of the hosts of the 2nd Nobel Prize Laureate Summit, ReLife International Medical Center successfully organizes the roundtable conference on medical tourism, together with theBeijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development. This conference aims to build an exchange platform on medical development between China and the rest of the world, to let different countries communicatewith one another …Read More

Professor Kim Lyerly Interview

Professorfor Research in Cancer and Professor of Surgery, Duke University; Director of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. Professor H. Kim Lyerly, M.D., FACS. He serves the editorial board of 12 scientific journals.  Dr. Lyerly has been appointed a member of the National Cancer Advisory Board by President George W. Bush. He is also a member of the scientific advisory committee on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and …Read More

Professor Jack Szostak Interview

Fromhttp://www.nobelsummit.com/2015/en/news.asp?id=61.html Jack Szostak 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Hello. Welcome and greetings from Beijing. Im Jack Szostak. Im a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and a professor of chemistry at Harvard University and an investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I’m also the chair of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the 2015 NPLS in China. What makes a good scientist? The 2015 Nobel Prize Laureate …Read More

A Warm Welcoming from the 2015 Nobel Prize Laureate Summit

Dear Friends, We are hosting the 2nd Nobel Prize Laureates Summit Medical Committee in May 2015, it is a great platform for respected doctors, researchers and medical authorities from all over the world to exchange new ideas and foster the development in science and medicine field. During this magnificent NPLS event, five Nobel laureates will be present, including Jack Szostak, Craig Mello, Barry Marshall, Thomas Sudhof, Richard Roberts, Daniel Haber, …Read More

One-day Pleasant Escort Experience with Jack Szostak From the Staff at ReLife International Medical Center

Since Relife International Medical Center,as co-organizer of 2ndNobel Prize Laureate Summit, I had the honor to act as translatorfor the event. Therefore, I had the chance to meet Jack Szostak again who is the chairman of the summit this year. He still spoke highly of the academic communication which was held in ReLife International Medical Center last year. He said that he has got a busy schedule this year, including …Read More

Pictured Nobel Laureate made a special trip to Relife International Medical Center to exchange and experience Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy

March 18th, 2014. BEIJING, CHINA – Dr. Robert Merton, a Nobel laureate has visited ReLife International Medical Center. The visit of Dr. Robert Merton has further remarked the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout global. During his visit, Dr. Merton has exchange profound perceptions on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, Dr. Merton has experienced therapy massage, in which he has given positive feedbacks. Upon Dr. Merton’s arrival, a unique formulated …Read More