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Happy birthday, Jack–a ReLife staff

We didn’t know today is ReLife staff Jack’s birthday until ReLife’s president tells us marketing girls secretly about it and asks us to plan for the celebration of Jack’s birthday. The customer service girls Jo and Ella go to the best cake shop nearby for a big cake, keeping a secret from the God of Longevity Jack as we want to give him a big surprise. It’s time for the the God of Longevity Jack to …Read More

A thank-you note left by an South African frie

Miss N. , a friend from South Africa, flying to her home from ReLife, Beijing in China, leaves us a note, saying as following: I am happy about how Lisa handled my case the first day she received my enquiry email. She communicated with me throughout until I to the hospital. She has got a very good customer care. Cherry is a very good sweet girl treatingpatients with love and …Read More

Our Old friends from Sudan and Saudi Come to us Again

In the past few years, ReLife keeps a close tie with Arabic speaking countries by organizing free work-shop and medical consultation for Eygpt Embassy, coming to Dubai to attend medical exhibition and presentation, offering medical assistance for Mahammad’s football club. Today it is excited to see those two old friends come to see us, Dr. Zhang, the president of ReLife International Medical Center accommodate them and they had a good …Read More

Mr. Sun, a reporter from China Three Gorges News, published an article for ReLife’s saving his life in the airplane

Today, it is a normal working day for us, googling information and translating medical document is our daily routine. Suddenly we came across with a piece of news over the internet, about our hospital. The author is a man surnamed Sun, who we saved on the airplane flying to Dubai last year December. On the article, Mr. Sun would not express enough for his gratitude for ReLife’s doctors for saving …Read More

On this Special Day, ReLife Would Like to Say Thank You to You All

To dear ReLife’s patients and friends, On this special Thanksgiving Day, on behalf of the whole crew we would like to say thank you to you all, for your support and encouragement. We will never travel this far without you. Thank you for trusting us with your heart, leaving us with good memory; Thank you for telling us your good news, bringing us with excitement; Thank you for treating us …Read More

An Interview to ReLife Nurses

Today we make an interesting Interview with ReLife’s lovely nursing team. Their heart is filled with love; wisdom and confidence, who are always at the frontline helping patients in pain and in need. Most of them are at their 20s, but their devotion to their nursing job impresses us all. Like what Florence Nightingal said, “No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse …Read More

It’s the Solar Term “the Beginning of Winter” in China

Today is a sunny cold, just a little cold. And it’s also an important day-the beginner of winter. I come to ReLife for work early and have enough time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The ReLife yard ground is covered with the fallen leaves, sleeping enjoying the quietness without any disturbance. I am also attracted by the pretty maple leaves, giving the winter much warmth. Furthermore, the big pomegranates can …Read More

Let’s dance and sing for Rwanda

We are glad to receive an Invitation Letter from one Rwandan patient, inviting ReLife to participate in their 45th anniversary celebration. We cherish the valuable chance and all dress up for this great festival. How spectacular the festival scene is! The hall is full of people for the celebration. And we are surrounded by the strong festival atmosphere, bustling with music, dancing and excitement. I am also attracted by the delicious …Read More

ReLife is chosen to be the model hospital by ASEAN

Recently, more than 20 representatives from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) visited ReLife International Medical Center following the lead of the director of the Medical Tourism Administration. This time, the ASEAN representatives chose 3 model hospitals in Beijing to visit and ReLife is proud to be one of them. ReLife staff elaborated the principle of “Green Treatment” which included green environment, green daily care and most importantly the green …Read More