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Hemangioma FAQ

How to treat spinal hemangioma?

As we know, Laser, surgery, propranolol are the common approaches for hemangioma, but for spinal hemangioma, The incidence of spinal hemangioma to thoracic common, followed by cervical, lumbar, sacral vertebrae. Surgical risk is too high, so patients choose laser or propranolol to treat spinal hemangiomas, but the two approaches couldn’t them effectively, hemangiomas relapse after the treatments. Now the non-surgical targetted therapy is the first choice to  treat spinal heamangiomas, no risk, …Read More

What are the Advantages of Non-surgical Targeted Therapy for Cavernous Hemangioma with National Patent?

Although the cavernous hemangioma is a benign tumor, it has the characteristics of malignant tumor, unlimited growth, like tree roots to expand, invasion of adjacent normal tissue, invasion of muscles, bones and joints, causing facial deformity limb disability, dysfunction or disability. Because there is no clear boundary between the cavernous hemangioma and the surrounding normal tissue, it is difficult to completely remove the hemangioma. The operation has much bleeding, high …Read More

What’s the Effects and side effects of cancer drugs in the treatment of hemangioma?

Bleomycin or Pingyang mycin are the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs, with small treatment range, once used in the treatment of capillary hemangioma and cavernous hemangioma, killing tumor cells by intratumoral injection. But the permeability is poor, although it can kill the hemangioma tissue, it cannot kill the peripheral tissue of hemangioma. The periphery of hemangioma is still enlarged. Moreover, the larger hemangioma cannot be cured, and there are also …Read More

What’s the Effects and side effects of Propranolol in the treatment of hemangioma?

Propranolol is medicine for cardiovascular treatment, and there is also a certain effect on the infantile hemangioma treatment. But for the capillary hemangioma and cavernous hemangioma accounting for 70-80% in hemangioma, it is not only ineffective, but also delays the condition and brings some side effects as well. Side effects of propranolol seoul: 1. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, increased stool frequency, diarrhea, loss of appetite 2. Damaged digestive function, reduced blood sugar, …Read More