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About ReLife

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About ReLife

“ReLife” was founded by Professor Zhang, a well respected doctor with decades of experience in the medical field. Over the decades, “ReLife” pioneering, country leading experts have been dedicated to the advancement of the medical field in order to bridge high technology with medical care. With dedication and inspiration, “ReLife” is focused on bringing safe, eco-friendly and yet advanced treatment, elements already existing in our very own bodies, stem cells and genetics to create a better life. By constructing and establishing solid foundations in the advanced medical field, “ReLife” is aimed at offering state-of-the-art diagnosis and providing care for complex and rare disorders. With advanced facilities, leading-edge technology and wisdom from previous case studies, “ReLife” adhere one and only one concept, health foremost. “ReLife” is located in the capital of China, Beijing,  opposite the Beijing World Park. Our surroundings can be described as a beautiful and inviting environment, more than half of the area is forested. Providing our guests and visitors with a relaxing and peaceful setting.

Our lab

ReLife’s lab is the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratory that affiliated to the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of Chinese PLA Center for Disease Control & Prevention, China. The lab team has engaged in the researching and developing new drugs for many years. They researched 19 new drugs, 11 of which gained clinical research approval documents. They have over 30 national patents and 6 international patents.

  • Research Patents for Reference
  • Research Patent No.: ZL99100305.5
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in tumor treatment;
  • Research Patent No.: ZL99122378.0
  • One type of new compound that can lower blood glucose;
  • Research Patent No.: ZL00100739.4
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in prevention of fibrosis diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL00132196.X
  • One type of “Recombinant Plasmid” and its application in prevention of diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL01129209.1
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in Treatment for Myocardial Ischemia; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL02816381.8
  • The application of Diphenylethene Compound in preparing the drugs for treating and preventing diabetes mellitus and/ retrovirus related diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: PCT/CN2007/003722
  • Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Its Application
  • Chinese Research Patent No.: ZL03820772.9 Europe Research Patent No.: 1541589
  • Fusion protein with both thrombolysis and anti-coagulation functions and its application;

Our Advantages

Excelsior in Every Single Service

Each and every doctor at “ReLife” focuses on only a small number of patients. This allows our professionals to provide full attention to every single disorder of our patients. “ReLife” concentrates on unique disorders, special needs disorders are treated effectively at “ReLife”.

Non-toxic Methods Applied

Using the latest technologies, “ReLife” has combined gene therapy with adipose cell therapy. Using safe and reliable methods, “ReLife” has successfully conducted safe and green approach, including combinations with traditional Chinese medicine, which is also a natural treatment.

Individual Formulated Treatment

For each patient, “ReLife” provides intensive and attentive care. The expert team at “ReLife” focuses on one individual’s condition before formulating the best treatment method, thereby ensuring the best medical quality.

Long-term Medical Attention

After receiving treatment at “ReLife”, we provide long-term medical attention to ensure our patient’s best recovery. Constant attention and guidelines are provided to instruct you in the sustainability of your welfare.

Privacy and Confidentiality

At “ReLife”, the disorder is not our only concern. We respect all information related to our patient, our goal is to bring the patient back to health in a secured, minimum disturbance and relaxing environment. “ReLife” secures every patient’s confidentiality before, during and even after receiving treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Treatment at “ReLife” doesn’t only use advanced methods, we also provide alternative traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Our “ReLife” experts are well recognized in this field and will conduct a suitable course for your health requirements

Our Vision

“ReLife” is dedicated to serve the society, to create a healthier life, to bring wellness to every single individual, to respect every single being and to improve quality of healthcare.